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Smart Eye Technology protects your private and confidential documents from prying eyes

When you’re in a public place looking at sensitive documents on your smartphone or computer—such as invoices, contracts, or statements from financial institutions—there’s no way to know who can see what's on your screen. We believe confidential information should stay confidential; that’s why we created Smart Eye Technology, technology for your eyes only.

Smart Eye Technology® is a continuous authentication security platform that eliminates unwanted viewers from looking at your screen. Our easy-to-use solution is suitable for mobile and web based applications. To learn how Smart Eye Technology is a game-changer in preventing screen snooping and providing the ultimate in user-to-user document sharing security, schedule a FREE demo today.

Scroll to see Smart Eye in Action!

See Smart Eye in Action!

Review and Send Your Private and Confidential Documents With Confidence, Watch How

Smart Eye Technology Provides Continuous Authentication Across All Your Devices

With Smart Eye Technology, you can view, send and receive documents with confidence! Our biometric screen protection blocks unauthorized users from viewing your screen with continuous facial and iris identification, moment by moment.


Smart Eye Technology Keeps You in Control of Document Security

The Smart Eye Technology allows users to upload, review, send, receive, store, and e-sign documents within a single, easy-to-use platform with document security control features. This platform includes an admin panel that allows you to choose document access limits such as where they can view and how long they have access to the document. It also provides document tracking including real-time notification of when documents are viewed and signed and whether or not any attempts are made to share the document with any unauthorized users.     

With Smart Eye Technology’s Self-Destroy feature, you can place document retention requirements on highly confidential documents, gaining full control over how long confidential UXP protected documents can be accessed.

Advanced Document Security Features

Advanced Feature Spotlight: Sign Documents with Facial Recognition

There are a lot of benefits to using electronic signatures in your business. It provides a high level of security, it’s convenient, and it costs less. Smart Eye Technology allows you to use facial recognition to sign documents electronically. This feature makes it even more convenient for businesses that manage a lot of secure documents.

Smart Eye Technology Helps Prevents Cyber Fraud


Three billion fraudulent emails are sent daily as phishing attacks


$500 billion a year lost from companies in the U.S. due to fraud


350 million records exposed in data breaches in 2018

Any business that handles sensitive information like customer personal information or payment information will require proper document security. When dealing with digital documents, companies face the risk of viruses and hackers. According to The American Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, fraud costs companies in the US anywhere from $300 billion to $600 billion a year.

Smart Eye Technology’s Continuous Authentication Software Is Technology For Your Eyes Only

Smart Eye Technology Has A Solution To Fit Any Size Business Or Enterprise

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