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The World’s Only All-in-One
Screen Privacy and Secure File Sharing Platform

Smart Eye Technology has pioneered a new sector in cybersecurity – a continuous and multi-factor biometric security platform that protects and keeps you in control over your confidential information by blocking risky screen snooping and preventing unauthorized access to shared files.

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Prevent Cyber Fraud, Hacks,
Breaches and Leaks

Damage related to cybercrime has risen year after year. Ransomware attacks are projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021. Small businesses are a key target with 43% of cyber-attacks aimed at them; yet more than half of small businesses say they don’t allocate any budget to cybersecurity. 

While large enterprises have put a lot of attention and money towards fighting cyber-attacks, they are still extremely vulnerable. 92% of malware is delivered by email with fake invoices used as the top disguise. Wiring changes sent by fraudsters costs large enterprises millions of dollars annually. Sensitive information and trade secrets are often leaked by company employees through poor email practices, visual hacking, and lack of adequate document security governance.  

Smart Eye Technology is a unique platform designed to prevent issues like these.  Learn more about some specific ways Smart Eye Technology can help your business.

Use Cases

  • Prevent Wire Fraud
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Secure Your Remote Work Office
  • Ensure Safe Sharing of Photos & Documents
  • Verify e-Signatures & Contracts

Prevent Wire Fraud

Fraudsters impersonating vendors are requesting payment changes through email costing businesses upwards of 500 billion dollars a year. Our enterprise-level platform is a private communications platform where only those companies you approve to share documents with can do so in the platform, mitigating fraudulent wire changes sent by unapproved individuals or companies.

Protect Intellectual Property

No matter what size your organization is, intellectual property is your most valuable asset. With Smart Eye Technology, you can set specific access restrictions by document including who can view it, for how long, and if they can share or download the document. Even after a document is sent, it is always only one-click away from terminated access.

Secure Your Remote Work Office

With more and more people working from home or other remote locations, document security risk has increased exponentially. While data interception and email compromise present major challenges, an often-hidden risk is visual hacking from onlookers who see information they shouldn’t have access to. Smart Eye Technology blocks unauthorized viewing, even at home.

Ensure Safe Sharing of Photos and Documents

Whether it’s financial information or a personal photo, when you send a private or confidential document to someone you want it to stay private. Once you’ve sent it though, control is out of your hands. Smart Eye Technology ensures only the intended receiver can view or have access to it. What is meant to be for their eyes only, remains for their eyes only.

Verify e-Signatures & Contracts

Real estate agreements, project approvals, business deals – more and more often these are authorized through e-signature platforms for their convenience. However, e-signatures present potential litigation issues when a “supposed signer” can more easily deny signing the document. Smart Eye Technology is a biometrically authenticated e-signature platform giving you verification of the signer.

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Powerful Security Across All Your Devices

Protecting vital documents doesn’t stop at your workplace. You need protection that travels with your life. By downloading the Smart Eye Technology App, you can protect all of your documents whenever and wherever you choose to view and share them. 

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Making It Easy For You


Advanced technology doesn’t have to be complex. Smart Eye Technology is simple and easy to use. The platform does the hard work for you.  



Document privacy and security should be affordable to all who want it, no matter what size of your organization. Choose the plan that’s right for you.


We’ve thought through all the points where document privacy or security leaks can happen – the result? A one-stop solution with an unprecedented combination of advanced technology tools. 


Smart Eye Technology puts control at your fingertips. When you view and send documents in the platform you have complete control over document viewing and access.  

Our Technology

Meet Our Chief Disruptor
& Hear His Story

In the fall of 2017, Dexter Caffey was attending a global cybersecurity event in Israel. While sitting next to a top cybersecurity expert, Dexter noticed he could see sensitive information on his laptop. He thought to himself, why should I be able to see a document on his screen?  It’s none of my business!  Why isn’t there a technology that provides real protection from snooping? 

In 2018, Dexter founded Smart Eye Technology with a bold purpose — to protect everyone’s right to digital privacy. Since then he has been resolutely focused on creating the most effective document privacy and security solutions — all in a single platform. For Dexter, this is just the beginning. He is constantly focused on “what’s next”, and will continue to add new innovative features as the needs of his customers continue to evolve.  

Fight Threats in Real-Time
With Smart Eye Technology

With a suite of tools that includes continuous biometric authentication, multi-factor biometric authentication, and true end-to-end security with UXP technology leveraging AES 256 encryption; you can be confident that your confidential information is protected.

Smart Eye Technology offers an unprecedented level of document control and
vigilantly guards your right to privacy.

Smart Eye Technology is available for personal use, for small businesses, and for enterprise-level organizations. Download the Smart Eye App for free or ask for a live demo.

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