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Whether it’s for an individual, a small or medium size business, or a large enterprise, Smart Eye Technology has a plan to safeguard your sensitive documents with multi-factor biometric authentication.

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For individual use, Smart Eye Technology mitigates threats on your smartphone, tablet and personal computer. Whether it’s your banking information, financial documents, legal contracts or private photos, it’s never been easier to secure private file sharing.

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Business Class

Upgrade the document security of your small-to-medium sized business. Included is our control panel with the ability to securely share and monitor all activities on shared files such as sensitive documents, contracts and invoices with your customers, vendors and suppliers. Only those organizations you approve of can communicate with your employees in the platform. 

Price at $19.99 per month per user

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Give your organization vigilant protection over cyber fraud with this innovative biometric security platform. With continuous and multi-biometric security and an enterprise-level control panel; you are in complete control of all the documents accessed by employees. Any employee is always just one-click away from relinquished access to your documents. Lock down internal security with our Smart Eye SDK or API Platform.

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Solving Security Problems Across Every Industry

Smart Eye Technology can help all industries in all sectors stop fraudsters, including:








Real Estate

Find out how Continuous and Multi-Factor Biometric Security Stops Fraudsters