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Archive for January 2019

Facial recognition: your friend or foe?


Facial recognition is a security verification method which protects your object or device from hacking or theft. It is important these days to have some major checks on your device and also to have some security measures. WHAT IS FACIAL RECOGNITION SECURITY? Facial recognition security is basically the technology that recognizes a human face. If…

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Lack of controllability of a user can become a huge threat


Your data and its security is totally your responsibility. While working on your computer system if you left it open with some confidential files then you and your files could become a target of cyber-crime. These days cyber-crimes are very common and the ways for protecting your data are very limited. These cyber-criminals are mostly…

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Is the promise of smart security hollow?


Security has been one of the major concern of all time. With the dramatic change in technology, it is not quite easy to keep up with the security measures. Prevention of data is not an easy task but you have to deal with so many ways and procedures. Every security measure that is introduced to an individual…

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