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Archive for December 2019

Stolen Fingerprints Can Sabotage Your Biometric Security


Traditional passwords are something that you actually know whereas biometric features are unique characteristics of your body. Fingerprinting, iris and retina scans, facial IDs, and voice patterns are a part of the human body, and they cannot be replicated. However, did you know that these unique features can be replicated as well? Seems a little…

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Dealing with Screen Snoopers


What Do the Statistics Say? When one thinks of “hacking”, the image of a mastermind sitting behind a high tech computer with a multitude of wires snaking around comes to mind. What doesn’t come to mind is a harmless, anonymous man sitting on the seat next to you on the bus or your co-worker with…

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Do You Need a Biometric Clock in Your Office?


No matter what business you have, one of the most important things that you have to manage, and one of the most frustrating is employee time and attendance management. This part directly affects productivity and can lead to a lot of weak spots and vulnerabilities if left unchecked. Productivity decreases and impacts the company’s performance…

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