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Archive for July 2019

Myths about iris recognition


In terms of identification, iris authentication is a highly reliable technology because it is very accurate and difficult to spoof. Iris authentication scan technology has strong matching capabilities and can be typically configured to do as many identifications as needed. However, because the quality image acquisition is so difficult that many attempts are often required…

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How accurate are retinal security scans


Among the different biometric modalities like fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, facial, etc. retinal scan is one of the most reliable ones. Retinal security scan has proven its capability in implementing reliable biometric security protocols in various high-risk sectors like border patrol and aviation. Retinal scan authentication is a complex mathematical pattern. It is a…

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Data protection: why it matters?


How do you know you’re not getting snooped? Are you really sure the system you are accessing is secure? Well, safety starts with awareness, awareness starts with you. The data you process every day, it relates to your private, professional, or social life. In the online environment, where a massive amount of data is shared…

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