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Archive for April 2019

12 most common cyber security words


Cybersecurity affects all areas of all companies, large, medium and small. When we talk about cybersecurity and we target users of companies that do not belong to the IT department, we often use terms that can be difficult to understand. Because of this, in this article we’re going to explain the meaning of a few…

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Elements That Must Be Included In a Data Security Policy


Above graph shows that the data breaches occured over the years in the US. Stolen data is damaging people’s trust. This is happening because while creating data security policy all the threats aren’t taken under consideration and policies only include just basics. Following are some elements a data policy must have. Make sure to get…

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Phishing: a fancy collapse


New trends, high technology thus no proper solution to these data threats that are evolving all over the globe. How long has this been going on? Nobody can actually answer that. You never know who has an eye on your work or who have been trying to snoop your screen. It is very difficult to know…

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