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Archive for November 2019

Bio metric authentication: is it the future already?


A few years ago, biometric authentication was just a fantasy in movies. The hero walked to a door and it opened, activated by camera and a facial recognition system. Or the villain activated his grand master plan with the touch of a finger. And then there’s everyone’s favorite Samuel L. Jackson who tried to bring…

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Data Security in Healthcare: Why It’s Important


Cyber-attacks on healthcare organizations is not a new trend. Surprisingly, one of the most lucrative targets for hackers is the data surrounding healthcare. With the increasing level of cybercrimes, more than 69% of healthcare organizations have decided to be more sensitive to data security. Not only that, but data privacy is being kept at high priority within…

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How You Can Prevent Cyber-attack on Your Local Printers?


With the recent advancement of technology, data has become an essential element. However, technology is not the only thing that’s being improved consistently. Various hackers around the world are developing cybercrime techniques to penetrate strong firewalls. Which is why, companies these days are trying to maintain the security of their data by working around the…

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Facial Recognition Glasses Can Prevent Terrorism with Discreet Surveillance


Facial recognition technology has been blooming for quite some time now. Currently, the technology is being utilized in many important places around the globe – from train station security to airports. Needless to say that people are quickly getting used to facial recognition technology being used in public spaces. And if that wasn’t enough, recently developed…

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Cyber Security in Government: Thumbs Up or Down


Government bodies across the globe are becoming increasingly cautious of cyber-attacks and are promoting ways that can be utilized to protect the national security through cyber-security. Currently, government bodies are grasping what challenge comes with cybersecurity and what their roles in it could help save the economy, mainly in the private sector. Why is Cyber Security Important?…

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Artificial Intelligence Myths: Real or Not?


When thinking about the future of artificial intelligence (AI), people tend to make a lot of theories and possible myths of how it will effect humanity. From interesting controversies to world experts discussing on the possibilities, the general public is still indecisive when it comes to making the decision of welcoming it with cheer or…

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