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Archive for June 2019

Biometric scanning: the smart future technology


Biometric security technology has been with us for years. It is an extremely advanced and adaptable idea that is taking over the security industry. It ensures protection from getting robbed, hacked or snooped. It is a study that has numerous characteristics like: Facial recognition Iris recognition Fingerprinting Retina scanning Voice and signature recognition A CLEAR…

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Tricking in the eye of the hacker


Everyone loves the movie where a con catches a con. Let’s set the figures into a real life situation where you can actually hack a bluff. For instance, if you suspect that you are under surveillance and you need to get yourself out of it then you must set up a strong trap. Same as…

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Persistent surfing is hi-tech shoulder surfing

While drinking your morning tea or coffee you might have scrolled your computer screen for checking your pending e-mails or bank statements. This is your personal stuff which has your personal information attached to it. Leaving the personal stuff apart you might also have the piled up office files that you have to go through.…

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