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Archive for August 2019

Beware of what you share


Do you have problems getting online, or does your browser seem like it’s slowing down? Do you see annoying pop-up ads displaying in your browser? Or do some of your desktop programs crash out of the blue? Would you like to know why you are getting so much spam? If your answer is yes then…

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Why is facial recognition a blessing for event planners?


There are a lot of amazing things that existed only in movies and comics that are now part of our everyday reality. Whether you talk about Mary Mc’Fly’s hover board, fully functional computers in pockets, James Bond’s wrist watch, or the latest, Iron Man’s Artificial Intelligence Assistant. All these technologies now exist and are being…

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Is cyber security enough or do i need to protect my business from something more?


When we think about security, what usually comes to mind is cyber security. We’ve all dealt with hacking attempts and phishing emails claiming to be from Nigerian Princes. Most businesses pay a lot of importance to cyber security systems, and they should. Everyone is a target of cybercrime. However, with so much importance being given to cybercrimes, we mostly…

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