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Archive for May 2019

Dumpster diving: no hi-tech involved


Dumpster diving is basically looking for treasure in someone’s trash. The information or database that people try and dig into must be useless to you but it could act as a source to them. Working in a co-operative sector where you are totally responsible for your company’s data you can’t let anything happened to that.…

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Don’t forget to defend yourself against cybercrime


Remember those weird cyber-attacks, Crypto Locker virus, spearfishing, and data breaches stories about the company next to you. Guess what these horrible things have in common, they all can cause big trouble and a big cost too. It’s crucial to use proactive IT services to defend against cybercrimes. As if cyber thieves stole money from…

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Attackers insert malware in email conversation


One of the basic rules of prevention of cyber-attacks for all companies is to raise awareness and train users to “not accept gifts” received through emails. But what happens when the sender is known or when you receive a message with attached documents following a thread in which you have participated? There has been several…

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