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Business Transactions in the Time of COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has changed so many things about our world. Many of us are working from home, and shelter-in-place orders have been made by many states and local  governments. Businesses have had to adapt, many of them moving as much as possible to these new realities.  How has the pandemic affected business transactions that…

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How Secure is Biometric Authentication?


There is a lot to worry about these days, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that is spreading across the country and the world. So much of our lives are on our phones, our computers, and our tablets. Security measures have been put into place on many devices to keep our data secure.…

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Working Remotely: How to Keep Your Data Safe


Coronavirus is affecting the entire world. Throughout the United States, schools have been closing, huge events like South by Southwest have been cancelled, and companies like Amazon and Google have asked employees to work remotely.  The outbreak has added to the debate about working remotely. Some have said we’re “not ready” to work from home,…

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How to Protect Your Information


So much of your life can be accessed online. You check your bank account online. You store your credit card information on websites and mobile apps. Passwords are saved in your phone and on your browser. You send confidential emails and messages. You pay invoices and receive payments. There are so many ways your information…

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Why Protecting Intellectual Property is Important


The 2014 hack of emails among Sony employees and the 2017 leak of Game of Thrones episodes are two examples of how vulnerable documents and files can be, even in Hollywood. Because so many people work on shows or movies in post-production, Hollywood is especially vulnerable to cybercrime. So many freelancers work on shows and…

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How Can I Hide My Screen?


Let’s face it. We live in a world where people are always working on the go: in busy airports, in bustling coffee shops, or even in co-working spaces. While technology has given us a lot more freedom, there are also downsides. One of them being that there is a ton of private or sensitive information…

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Document Security Issues that Can Ruin a Business


Hacking is an unfortunate problem many businesses have to deal with these days. Filmmakers and television show producers have to worry about their work being leaked, retailers have to worry about data theft, and individuals have to worry about identity theft. There are other ways that important business information can be stolen. Document security is…

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Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020


Set to take place on January 28-30, 2020, at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, Cybertech Tel Aviv 2020 will feature talks by leading decision-makers, government speakers from around the globe and a massive 3-day exhibition where attendees can enjoy the presence of public and private leaders from the cyber arena! This is one of the…

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